Meet The Team

Salon Owner

Danielle Roche' - Owner

Danielle has been working in the beauty industry for 29 years. At the tender age of 15, Danielle started out in her mother’s and grandmother’s kitchens, styling everyone from family to the neighbors. While enrolled in her high school’s cosmetology program, she began building momentum and gaining popularity among her teachers and peers.

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In well over over two decades , she has built an extensive clientele, some of whom have been with her since she started. Her reputation for attention, quality, care, and detail precedes her. Wisdom and gifted eye have guided her career and keep her pretty busy.

Danielle believes in proper communication with each client so that there is an understanding of the customer’s expectations while also explaining her expectations of them on their part of their hair care. Giving her clients the tools they need, most of them are able to maintain their hair at home between appointments. She gives solid, trendy haircuts that say her name. Her clients are often recognized as Salon Roche' clients because of  their hair.

Danielle is a well-recognized stylist in North Carolina and beyond. She is truly a well-rounded cosmetologist. She has had the awesome privilege to be trained, train, and work with some of the best hairstylists in the area. Though she is able to literally do it all, Danielle’s main focus is restoring damaged hair and keeping hair healthy.

She has an eye for what fits and what works for each person. Her clients will tell you that if Danielle doesn’t think it will work for you, she will tell you so. Danielle’s commitment to her family, clients and her community is widely known and 

everyone knows her trademark-custom hair colour, cutom hair kutts- most importantly, health hair.

Salon Professional

Saskia Blake

Salon Roche’ welcomes Ms. Saskia Blake to the team! 

Saskia is a recent graduate of Carolina Beauty College! She aced her board exams and is now licensed to create. She enjoys every aspect of the beauty industry and is a gifted beauty professional.

She is looking forward to longevity and growth behind the chair! 

Welcome Saskia! 

Salon Roché only uses luxury and top-of-the-line hair, skin, and nail care products. Danielle is adamant that there are absolutely no shortcuts allowed! Yes, she is a perfectionist.

Danielle is a graduate of Dudley Cosmetology University with a host of achievements under her belt. She is also a consultant for Soul Purpose, a health, wellness, and lifestyle company.

One of the quotes Danielle likes to share with all clients that come in with hair woes and life’s issues is, “You can’t focus on the pain of the process but focus on the reward at the end!”